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Monday, September 14, 2015

Diagnosis to Treatment Why Such Long delays for patients to get their prescribed medication? #Healthcare #GP

I am shocked to experience such long delays in getting a prescription after gaining fantastic advice and treatment from my GP (General Practitioner GP) when reviewing recent blood tests results over the phone. From the date of my blood test to getting the medication to treat my health problem has taken three weeks.
Have you experienced similar challenges? Is this similar in your area?

Interestingly, after being told some extra medication was needed by my GP and the prescription apparently being sent straight away electronically to my designated chemist, six phone calls were still needed.
When trying to understand why this is happening I recognise the pressures for GP's to see ever increasing numbers of patients, which they are managing very well under the circumstances but, this is not about the GP it's more linked to the pharmacy and GP staff from this and other similar experiences similar to this one.

Consequently, this is more about communication and when people are using telephone calls if people cannot always get to the surgery. Therefore, can only hope that the advent of using more modern communication will link to this area. As a person with an #MS #Multiplesclerosis diagnosis access to treatment, information and medication, is very important.
Additionally, as an MS campaigner and trained community specialist practitioner feel we must share these experiences to help improve services and reduce patient concerns that may also affect overall health. Therefore, ask you to share any useful experiences that may help me to add extra context to this challenge for primary care services.

Thanks so much and please just contact me if you feel can help with this communication or have a powerful experience you want to share.

Kaz Aston
#MSClearguide Team #London
Twitter: @kazaston @MSClearguide