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Saturday, February 26, 2011

2011 My Sailing Adventures with MS

I am starting my RYA Sailing Practical Crew Training with Sailing Ventures Sailing School next. Hope will meet new friends and share info about MS that wants to know more.
First of all, with help from my expert teacher Matt Fordham from the Sailing Ventures Team A 5 Day Comp Crew training course is needed to learn all of the essentials to be part of the Crew. I am really excited and had some great information and help from RYA Sailability Team too. Fingers crossed I will succeed so am then able to Start Yacht Racing for the 2011 Racing Season with Sailing Ventures.

Spreading The Word in Europe About Drag Racing & MS

We've been Spreading The Word in Europe again with NITRO FM & Nicola Prentice who also has MS. Nicola & I popped over to Malta where we had an opportunity to talk to lots of people about MS and Drag Racing at Santa pod. I also had a fantastic opportunity to Talk on LIVE RADIO At SMASH RADIO & EVEN ON SMASH & MOTO DROME TV THANKS, TO DJ Banana.
Nicola & I would like thank everyone that helped us in Malta we had an amazing time. Check out -latest news for Interviews where DJ Banana also talks about his support for INSPIRE. A charity that helps disabled children with special needs & learning disabilities, what a wonderful guy. Nitro FM will be sharing Malta Drag Racing Association interviews at Santa pod for our next event at Easter where we hope to catch up with our new Drag Racing Friends from Malta. Will keep you posted

Playing Golf with MS

To promote my general fitness and in particular help Balance & Co-ordination Challenges with MS I've been going to the Driving Range. I hope one day to play a round of golf but first, it's all about Practice! Mike O'Connor A PGA Professional Teacher from The Lambourne Club is helping with my Set UP & Swing here are Mike's Top Tips. All very important and great fun! Mike has provided some general helpful and encouraging advice available on my Web site Why not give it a go :0)