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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New websites for 2015 for #kazaston with #gogirl #msclearguide #multiplescerosis & #monarchyonline

We are excited to share that our Kaz Aston blog has now been updated by the toolkit websites. Apologies again for any previous difficulties.

We are very excited to work with this company, as we shared last week online. A popular tweet on twitter
The Toolkit websites team are currently helping to develop some exciting new websites and landing pages for new and existing projects. As soon as these are live or we have a date that they will, this will be shared to help you visit.

 Don't forget you can access and two of our educational  Clear Guide websites.
 Think it might be worthwhile sharing a few updates that might be useful to follow us on social media sites.  You can follow us on social media sites that include:
 Twitter: @kazaston @msclearguide @monarchyonline1
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 You can always email us from our websites if you have more urgent questions.

Look forward to sharing our new website details soon.
Thanks for your continued support for all of our charitable efforts.
All the very best,
Kaz Aston

Please accept our apologies for the blog display error

Please accept our apologies for the blog display error & technical difficulties.
The Toolkit websites are working to get this sorted ASAP.
Thanks for your patience.
All the very best, 
Kaz Aston