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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

HUFF Post helps #thinkMS

Huff article by Sarah Cannata promotes the World MS Patient Summit 2015 with a fab article. Strongly recommend you read so please check out the link:
Support for the event has just been incredible and makes me smile as feel together we will make a difference for MS. So will keep you posted and please follow the #thinkMS on Twitter & Periscope to watch and share tweets.
Thanks again Sarah Cannata for the Huff post and everyone that is helping #thinkms 2015
Thanks & love,
Kaz Aston

Sunday, May 17, 2015

#thinkMS Global News on Twitter #multiplesclerosis

The 2015 MS Patient Summit is just around the corner and Kaz Aston, the conference moderator is excited about the event on Friday 22nd of May 2015.
Kaz is delighted that the recent press release has made Global Google news for MS and hopes that by sharing the # hashtag #thinkMS on the 22nd of May this will boost awareness about the neurological condition that affect 2.5million children and adults around the world.
Please see the press release details and share if you can help us keep helping people learn more about this condition that at the moment is still incurable Global MS News Press Release May 2015
If you want to learn more about what MS is and how affects people please check out the #MSClearGuide written by Kaz Aston & other MS Expert Doctors MSClearGuide
In the meantime, people just contact Kaz Aston via her website Contact Kaz Aston

Monday, May 11, 2015

#thinkMS on May 22nd

Please share #thinkms on 22 of May on Twitter & Periscope to help people affected by MS #MultipleSclerosis