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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Super Cars 4 Girls 4 MS & 4 Stroke Charities

First Ever All Female Team completes #SuperCarGB 2017 & Raises Global Awareness for people affected by MS & Stroke
As part of the 2017 public engagement agenda for global education charity,, that help thousands of people learn more about today’s Monarchy, have launched a brand new, SuperCar, all Female driving team as the charity also recognises the amazing contributions made by females for the good of the people and to promote education.
Following various educational events from January to August 2017, aimed at helping the public learn more about the monarchy, the charity are now proud to share that the girls team successfully drove the full 2017 Route Dolomites drive.
The #SupercarGB 2017 event was superb especially, when two ladies drove an amazing Audi R8, V10 Spider that continuously gave top performance times and great comfort over the dolomites challenging roads.

However,  The primary purpose for the two female drivers was to raise awareness for people living with MS or Multiple Sclerosis and those recovering, after a stroke. Kaz Aston also, has MS & sadly her mother recently had a stroke, so very important as a stroke occurs around 152 Thousand Times a year that is, one stroke every three minutes and 27 seconds in the UK.
Kaz Aston also shares the #SupercarGB 2017 event was totally amazing especially, when two ladies drove a powerful Audi R8 SuperCar, that continuously gave superb performance times and solid comfort over the dolomites challenging roads.
Also as, team #Gogirl wants to promote female engagement, interest in super cars and to help charity, which for #SuperCarGB was their first time. Additionally, Team #Monarchy Online #gogirl is the first ever female team to enter or drive the full #SuperCarGB route, for 2017 across the challenging Route Dolomites.

So what is #SuperCarGB all about?
The Supercar GB Team brings together bespoke event professionals, within the HNWI (High Net Worth Individual) events industry, in the UK and worldwide. Supercar GB events designed for owners of classic and modern Supercars together with lifestyle companies of insurance, jewellers, air charter, yacht charter, fashion and more.
Peter Mark Andrew Phillips supports his wife Autumn & her colleague Rachael Thomson with a great team to deliver the SupercarGB events. Both Autumn and Peter were so helpful and always made sure we were ok and if I needed any further help because of the MS diagnosis and charity work.
Peter has the Royal connection as he is the first child and only son of Anne, Princess Royal, and her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips. Peter is also the eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
Phillips holds no royal title or style and is currently 12th in the line of succession to the thrones of the 16 Commonwealth realms.

All of SuperCarGB events participants also get to stay in some of the world’s leading Hotels and for Route Dolomites there was no shortage of fine dining and fantastic hotels. During the 5 days entrants travelled through Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Croatia on our incredible route. Route Dolomites started in Austria at the Schloss Fuschl on the 26th of June followed by an overnight stay and a fun welcome dinner before spending two days/nights in the heart of the Dolomites. On the 4th evening we drove over to the beautiful Villa d'Este  to enable drivers to take in the beautiful scenery. For The 5th day we headed back to a different part of the Dolomites before driving the final day into Croatia.
The choice of the supercar was critical and managed by Karen Aston for sponsors W1 PR as Karen is a driving enthusiast! The route details were not known on booking but, at as it turned out team we  covered over three thousand miles with travel to start & finish destinations. Once the team decided on the potential supercar brand they could enter, an Audi the girls hired an Audi R8 V10 Spyder convertible in a vivid red, from a fantastic super car hire company in Bayswater London.
Consequently, the London Hertz Dream Car team arranged all driving essentials for this amazing vehicle that actually was, the first R8 V10 delivered to the UK. Additionally, hertz ensured all safety features and we also took equipment like breathalysers plus any extra mileage costs that the charity team incurred.
Team #gogirl 2017 comprised of two females members Karen or Kaz Aston CEO also driving to raise awareness about #MS (Multiple Sclerosis) as she has lived with a #MS or Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis for over 30 years. Kaz’s amazing team mate being HRH Princess Katarina of Serbia who is dedicated to supporting charity and education for children and adults globally.
As the only, all girls team entered, the team decided to prepare for the charity event and drive over from London in the UK to the starting point of the 2017 Supercar GB to prepare for the next 5 days. As found out later, was also were the only team to drive to the start line and not take a flight.  
During the amazing 5 days we travelled through Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Croatia plus for Monarchy Online Team also France and the United Kingdom on our incredible route of Three and a half Thousand Miles!
Team #gogirl supports #Monarchy Online so are very proud to share that we successfully completed the full #supercar GB Route Dolomites and did not get any speeding tickets, penalties fines and both got back to work on time.

If you would like to support MS community work or even have a supercar event for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis please just contact Karen Aston. Perhaps, you might like to arrange other car events to partner, for 2018.
Also, if you want to understand more about MS then check out the free really clear guide to MS Kaz has written

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