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Friday, November 30, 2012

Darts can help MS

Recently I have started playing Darts for the Rotary Club of London. It's a fun game, cheap to play and helps my MS with: Balance, Co-ordination, Fine Finger Movement and Adding up quickly with out a calculator! Children and people that may need to sit in a wheelchair can all play and there are lots of fab clubs and competitions all over the UK and abroad. Why not give it a go and even play for a team if you like it!
Here I am playing my first game for The Rotary Club of London, which we won and I got the highest score :0)

Helping people to see 2012 London Paralympics

The Rotary Club of London helped people affected by MS to go to watch the 2012 Paralympics' and share their experiences at a party at Rotary HQ in London. Many that attended shared very positive experiences about how the opportunity has inspired them to enjoy sport and plan for the future.
Thanks to everyone helped make this happen.

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