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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Drag Racing & Multiple Sclerosis Feature on BBC Radio

Following my last interview with Jon Briggs, from The BBC's Weakest Link, on BBC Radio Berkshire I was invited back on Sunday the 27th of March to share a little more about my MS Story. Sarah Walker & Ady Williams talked to me about how it feels to live with MS and my interest in Drag Racing (The Fastest Motor Sport on Earth) at Santa Pod Race way and around the world! Sarah was keen to find out how you can start drag racing, what training is needed to get your license and Ady asking about the cars & different classes you can race in.
We also chatted about my other sporting interests such as Sailing with Sailing Ventures in Lymington Hampshire to support my aspiration to compete in some Yacht Racing this year to Raise Awareness about MS.
The interview is available on BBC IPlayer until Sunday the 3rd of April. Follow this link if you fancy listening. My piece starts after about 1:52 mins and finishes at around 2:24.
Thank you so much BBC Radio Berkshire and all of the fantastic team that helped to make this happen to help raise awareness about MS.