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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What will an MRI show? #MS #MRI

Today is #WorldMSDay

Lots happening today online especially to help people with MS.
Here are some links that might be useful:
To help you quickly understand more about #MS
I also have been helping the World MS steering group & present a radio show on #MS&Me
So will share any useful updates according from MS in the 21st Century.   Here is the link again! a 

Today is #WorldMSDay to help people affected by MS Learn more about MS 2018 #CO the #MSClearguide

The 100 Thousand plus people affected by MS in the UK are today being recognised & supported to help live life with this incurable disease.

To help you understand more about MS #CO #MSClearguide The Multiple Sclerosis, or MS Clear Guide that shares useful information that you can easily understand with no: Big Words or Medical Jargon. The guide is backed by MS & Medical experts from London and the UK to provide medically correct info about MS that you can quickly understand. MS Diagnosis, Symptoms, Treatment & Lifestyle are all covered in the short free on line guide which can be translated into 67 languages.