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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NitrOlympX on the Hockenheimring 9-11 August are you going?

NitrOlympX on the Hockenheimring - 
The Next Generation 9-11 August 2013 can't wait 

Of 9 to 11 August 2013 meets the elite of European Drag Racing at the Hockenheimring. A huge starting field of over 240 national and international teams will do this year on the way to the Rico Anthes Quartermile in order to deliver spectacular race at the NitrOlympX.
Hockenheim is near the FIM European Championship race drag bikes for the 4th Round of the FIA ​​held European Championship, which all event offers visitors the opportunity to top-tier of the Drag Cars (Top Fuel, Top Fuel Funny Car, Top Methanol Funny Car, Pro Mod and Pro Stock) not only with show runs, but the hard struggle for experience valuable championship points.
Georg Seiler, CEO of Hockenheim-Ring GmbH is proud of the event, which for the 28th Times takes place at the Hockenheimring and has won over the years steadily in prestige: "With its incomparable blend of world class motor sport and entertainment, the NitrOlympX have long since become one of the absolute event highlights at the Hockenheimring and the European drag racing calendar."
That this motor sport can certainly connect multiple generations together, is also through the participation of the Swedish drag racing bedrock Leif Helander, which starts in the spectacular class of Top Fuel Funny Cars, clearly. Helander, born 1944, has always been a great car and racing enthusiast in his own words. He already played his first drag race in 1976 and this kick has not released it yet. It was not until the age of 65 he first sat in the cockpit of a Top Fuel Funny Cars and this is the best evidence that adrenaline and speed are a miracle cure for aging. With nearly 70 years Leif is faster than ever and wants to show the youngsters what means concentrated drag racing power.
The youngest participants, which could be almost Helander great-grandchildren with a starting age of 8 years, starting in the Junior Dragster class and prove that you can be already really fast even in such a young age.

The six-time FIA European Drag Racing Champion and crowd favorite Urs Erbacher traveling with his young rider Noah Stutz with two Top Fuel dragsters.Noah began with 12 years of his drag racing career in Junior Dragster, gained further experience in the Super Comp class until he received his Top Fuel license this year, at the SPRC-Summer Nationals in England. The young Swiss will take on the Rico Anthes Quartermile for the first time in a "Erbacher-Fueler" German audience and demonstrate their skills in front of the packed grandstands. His mentor anyway, is full of praise regarding the professionalism of the young colleagues and wants nothing more than the Top Fuel rookie to stand side by side in the final.
The organizers have registered in the framework program for all motorcycle enthusiasts among the visitors to NitrOlympX something special: Under the motto "drag racing meets IDM" there are extraordinary journeys in a sidecar or trailer to win. Three viewers will get the chance to only 15 cm above the ground, in a carbon-fiber sidecar 1000cc engine to roar down the quarter mile. Renowned pilots ever offer it a little taste of the hot duels in the IDM SUPERBIKE * of 20 September 22 to be held at the Hockenheimring. Who would win such a fast ride on Saturday night, is welcome to try his luck at the Hockenheimring info mobile site.
The expectations of the participants and the audience to the track are especially high this year because the races take place on brand new asphalt. Jerry Lackey, Clerk of the NitrOlympX with 45 years of drag racing experience, praise the large use around the drag racing track and hopes for many records: "Countless hours of work, amazing amounts of material and know-how have the people of the Hockenheim-Ring GmbH and all other helpers invested in the reconstruction of the Rico Anthes Quartermile. We want to bring the quarter mile in an even better and faster condition than in the last 28 years. Ensure all employees deserve the highest praise, because they are neither time nor effort shy to optimize the route until the last second. We hope to see many new personal bests as well as distance and speed records that would be the best reward for all helpers. "
More information on the event please visit:
And for those who are on speed, action and hot engines: a weekend before the NitrOlympX held the Public Race Days. Of 3 to 4 August can put their driving skills in their own vehicle on the Rico Anthes Quartermile-proof all amateur racers. More information:

Friday, July 5, 2013

Nurses are Amazing with MS

Just been privileged to do some training for MS nurses on Two way Talking about treatment options, helping communication and adherence to  lifestyle changes. Some fantastic new research out to help people keep going with medical treatment that can help stop progression of MS. Will keep you posted via my website