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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Top Secret Inspirational Women Awards 2017 from #Monarchyonline

Team GoGirl at are just getting ready for the 2017 Inspirational Female Awards, in London UK tonight.
The UK based global charity Monarchyonline have received hundreds of online nominations that have all been  made by the General Public for women that have made out standing contributions to the societies where they live or work.
The event is being held at a brand new London Restaurant in London called the Diana Lounge where nominated ladies will be given their awards by Kaz Aston Monarchyonline CEO and other special guests or celebrities in town!
The event has been kept Top Secret to avoid any privacy head aches for guests and winners so tomorrow on the 10th of November Formal Releases can be made about who, why and what for these awards have been nominated by the public.
What this space to find out
Best wishes,
Monarchy on line Team Go Girl :)