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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Finishing the Rotary year Smiling :0)

2012/13 has been an amazing year with so many exciting achievements for a variety of important charities supported. Just so you understand the Rotary Club year runs from July every year with new Presidents appointed annually that lead clubs, working with district teams and different countries all to help charity in local communities. Here is a snap shot of why I joined and what Rotary is all about these days....

This year I was the second vice president and the Sports lead for the Rotary Club of London which has been truly amazing, great honour and so exciting with the 2012 Diamond Jubilee, Olympics and Paralympics. Here are some of the highlights that have helped to make a difference to so many peoples lives.
Free Para Olympic Tickets to help inspire disadvantaged kids and adults go to watch the games and keep the legacy alive. Here is a short film about the experiences of West Lea School children at a Rotary Party at HQ London.
After the excitement of an amazing summer the Rotary wheel kept turning with many charity events like the Lord Mayors Parade where Rotary in London supported Wheel Power and kept moving forward and started , Clay shooting competitions,  helping orphans in Bolivia to read and eradicate Polio in countries where it is still affecting people very badly.
As the London Sports lead with a choice of over 20 different sports competitions the club just kept raising funds to make donations to help others,  having fun and we even set up a new darts team with a local business, a clay shooting and ten pin bowling team to keep fit, have a laugh and compete against 68 clubs in the London district.
The year just kept moving forward where fellow Rotarians always kept supporting charities to make donations within different areas and with various Rotary teams such International, Community and Fraternal.
One of the joys of Rotary for me personally has been linking to really important community services such as West Lea School. The support from Rotary was not just a Paralympic ticket and party, but we carried on helping and even arranged an opportunity to learn about motor racing with up an coming young Karting star Albert Carter that enabled a quarter of the school kids to learn about driving, speed and even mechanics and become part of his racing team. As a result, driving lessons are now being arranged by the school to offer even more life opportunities for the children.
Rotary is a really cool organisation where the theme of service above self is what it is all about. Helping others to achieve, move forward in life or even enjoy basic things we may sometimes take for granted.
Additionally, from a personal point of view Rotary has helped me make some amazing contacts that have offered advice and support to help with my work personal charity efforts to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and even helped launch my Really Clear Guide to MS in Febuary this year.
So why not have a look at what Rotary is doing in your local area and go along to a meeting.

My club, The Rotary Club of London has been around for over 100 years and long may it continue! Check out  website for further information: Rotary Club of London
Special Thanks to all of my Rotary friends along with, now Past, President Norman Wimbourne, District Govenor Eve Conway, Clive Amos and Neville Shuman that gave me a huge honour at the last meeting as Vice President this year by awarding me, the Rotary Club of London Charity Cup for the greatest efforts for charity. Fantatsic so proud and we wo the tennis Sports cup!
Pictures: Tennis Doubles Winners
Neville Shulman Cup & Rotary Clay Shooting