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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jeremy Vine BBC Radio 2 Talks MS
Thanks to BBC Radio 2 for allowing me to share the fantastic interview Jeremy Vine did with Dr Sarah Jarvis about MS and the really clear guide to MS. Now available free in over 60 languages free on my wesite:
Hope it may be useful...........Best Kaz x

Community Voice MS Feature

Thanks Community Voice for filming about MS and new Really Clear Guide to MS. We covered lots of sections in the slot so hope people may find useful.
Just forward to sections that you may find helpful with understanding What is MS & How it is often diagnosed, MS Treatments, Keeping Active with MS and areas linked to MS Clear Guide on my website

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Royal College of Nursing Supports MS Clear Guide

Royal College of Nursing
Thanks to all of my fellow nurses and the Royal College of Nursing for helping share the word about the new, free MS Clear Guide last Friday 
The feature is on line via the link above,

Helping others understand MS

A nurse with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is leading the way in educating people about the condition, by writing a clear guide to the condition, helping others cope with it and get the most out of life.
When Kaz Aston was diagnosed with MS 18 years ago, it made her more determined than ever to be active and adventurous. She plays golf and darts, goes clay pigeon shooting, and has taken part in drag racing events and a Round the Island yacht race. She’s currently the sports lead for the Rotary Club of London.
Her latest achievement is the publication of  Really Clear Guide to MS,  which is available in 67 languages, to help people with MS understand the condition. Kaz was a 21-year-old student nurse when she discovered she had MS. She started to learn as much as she could about it, and to tell everyone how MS affects people and what patients can do to help themselves lead healthy lives.
She realised that people can find it difficult to understand the condition, and felt there was a need for a new guide to explain what it is, how it develops, and the treatments available to help manage it.
So, with her medical training and the backing of her consultant neurologist Dr Richard Nicholas, and specialist nurses at Charing Cross Hospital, in Hammersmith, London, Kaz has written the  guide to help the 2.5 million people affected by MS. It is available online and is easy to navigate and divided into short sections which are easy to understand, and free from medical jargon.
Dr Nicholas is a great supporter of Kaz’s work. He said: “The internet is full of a lot of confusing advice. It needs a clear direction. This is a short, succinct guide, written by someone with MS who knows what it’s like.”
Kaz is acutely aware that in some countries there is very little information about MS and how the condition affects people. The guide is available in many languages to be accessible to people all around the world.
She said: “This Really Clear Guide to MS is all about sharing useful information that you can easily understand with no big words or medical jargon. The topics included, I hope, will help you get your head around Multiple Sclerosis (MS) a little more. I have lived with MS for over 18 years, learnt loads over the last 20 years and am still learning. Yes being a registered nurse helped but when dealing with everyday life challenges we can all face then dealing with MS, it can be tough sometimes.”
The general perception of MS is that it is a debilitating condition which prevents people leading active lives. Kaz is trying to change that. She and her medical team are optimistic about the future for people with this condition. There have been many developments in the understanding and treatment of MS. Ten new drugs are being trialled and researchers are also exploring the benefits of stem cell treatment.
Kaz’s guide has also been backed by Oyster Healthcare, which publishes a magazine for people with MS. Annabel Daguerre, Deputy Editor, Oyster Healthcare Communications said: "The Really Clear Guide to MS offers an insightful and thorough overview of Multiple Sclerosis in an easy-to-read format. It provides both practical and clinical information in just enough detail without overloading people with information, and suggests some useful sources for further information. Karen's unique perspective as both a registered nurse and a patient puts her in the perfect position to write this valuable guide. I imagine that it will be of great use to people living with MS, whether they are newly diagnosed or have been managing MS for some time."

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fantastic Support Thanks BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 2 (@BBCRadio2) tweeted at 1:20 PM on Mon, Feb 04, 2013: "You can have kids, you can do sports, #MS is not the end of it all" @KazAston's advice to anyone confused about #multiplesclerosis #r2vine ( Get the official Twitter app at

Rotary Support for MS in London Interview with Roger Gewolb

Learn about MS with Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2

Thanks so much Jeremy Vine & Dr Sarah Jarvis for helping people to understand more about MS & sharing useful information about how MS can affect people. It was great to share some positive news about many MS treatments and ways to get support from MS Charities, Therapy Centres and many more organisations people can contact if needed.
Also, letting people know about my free the #MSReallyClearGuide available in over 60 languages on: 
Also please tweet #MSClearGuide Tuesday to help the 2.5 million Children & Adults living with MS globally.Let's Try and trend for MS.
BBC - Radio 2 Jeremy Vine - 04/02/2013
Jeremy presents news, views and live guests.