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Monday, December 14, 2015

Collective Global Thinking #MS #MSClearguide #Monarchyonline #MSIF

Collective Thinking from two CEOs World MS Federation & #Monarchyonline global education in London UK about 2016 strategy for #MS
Fantastic day!
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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Top tips worth reading

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Monarchyonline at the Lords

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Clear Guide Updates are coming in 2016..... #MS #MSClearguide #thinkMS

I am so excited to share that the '#MSClearguide' is going to be updated in 2016' says author Kaz Aston.

After amazing support and feedback since publication in 2013 the free, medically correct, clear guide to Multiple Sclerosis or MS will be updated by creator Kaz Aston and various medical experts.

New research findings and lifestyle information to help promote healthy living and disease management will be integrated into the new clear guide. This approach, guide creater Kaz Aston feels can be so helpful to answer questions quickly or find the right people that can provide advice and information.

Kaz Aston and fellow medical editors are so pleased that the MS Clear guide has also been reproduced after published in 2013 by many other global MS Charities and still is. Therefore, the purpose of the MS clear guide has definitely been achieved over the last two years says author Kaz Aston.

Kaz Aston says '2015 has been an amazing year for the #MSClearguide because the guide has also been shared at the, 2015 'World MS Patient Conference', various global medical events with pharmaceutical companies and with many community organisations like Rotary in London, UK in both hard copy print magazines or journals. Further evidence and research to help people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) is always important to share to send out a message of hope for now and the future.

Additionally, the online presence with websites or social media channels continues to grow for MS clear guide. Recent social media campaigns have generated public engagement of between twenty and fifty million people that often generate trending topics on Twitter.

For more information about the MS clear guide please just email via our websites.
Thanks everyone for all of your amazing continued help & support.
All the very best,
Kaz Aston

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

FREE #PR & Marketing demands in 2015

A friend of mine shared this link and so pleased they did. Why? Because, it helped the ‪#‎Monarchyonline‬ realise we can't offer other charities or companies FREE PR Work anymore. These organisations must invest and raise their skills or outsource to keep up with market demands.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The BMJ Open Heart Team Need Our Support. Can you give 2 minutes to complete a survey? #BMJ #Cardiology #Cardiaccare

Open Heart is redesigning their website & our need help to complete an online #BMJ  2-minute Global Survey.
You might even win a £100 gift voucher! Here is the link Survey link
Cardiac care is so important to support people with problems with #Blood Pressure #heartattack & most importantly reduce the risk of these occurring.
So just 2 minutes of your time might help thousands of people globally.
Thanks so much for reading about this global need.
Kaz Aston

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Janet Davies New CEO of the Royal College of Nursing #RCN #Nurses #London #MS #

‪#‎Superexcited‬ about my meeting with Janet Davies the new CEO & General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing to talk about digital medicine,‪#‎nurses‬ & ‪#‎MS‬ in ‪#‎London‬. Always amazing to see a lady leading the troops. Let's hope have good news to share soon.
Janet Davies has recently taken up the position of Chief Executive & General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), the world’s largest professional union of nursing staff. The RCN has a membership of 425,000 nurses, midwives, health visitors, nursing students, cadets and health care assistants.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Diagnosis to Treatment Why Such Long delays for patients to get their prescribed medication? #Healthcare #GP

I am shocked to experience such long delays in getting a prescription after gaining fantastic advice and treatment from my GP (General Practitioner GP) when reviewing recent blood tests results over the phone. From the date of my blood test to getting the medication to treat my health problem has taken three weeks.
Have you experienced similar challenges? Is this similar in your area?

Interestingly, after being told some extra medication was needed by my GP and the prescription apparently being sent straight away electronically to my designated chemist, six phone calls were still needed.
When trying to understand why this is happening I recognise the pressures for GP's to see ever increasing numbers of patients, which they are managing very well under the circumstances but, this is not about the GP it's more linked to the pharmacy and GP staff from this and other similar experiences similar to this one.

Consequently, this is more about communication and when people are using telephone calls if people cannot always get to the surgery. Therefore, can only hope that the advent of using more modern communication will link to this area. As a person with an #MS #Multiplesclerosis diagnosis access to treatment, information and medication, is very important.
Additionally, as an MS campaigner and trained community specialist practitioner feel we must share these experiences to help improve services and reduce patient concerns that may also affect overall health. Therefore, ask you to share any useful experiences that may help me to add extra context to this challenge for primary care services.

Thanks so much and please just contact me if you feel can help with this communication or have a powerful experience you want to share.

Kaz Aston
#MSClearguide Team #London
Twitter: @kazaston @MSClearguide

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Summer 2015 Royal adventures in Windsor & London for #Monarchyonline Latest News:
2015 has been very exciting and action-packed year so far our friends and supporters. We have really enhanced our social calendar with new types of events that include group activities often combined with, a good lunch, dinner or champagne drinks receptions in beautiful, historic or very popular location. Also, regular events people just keep requesting to attend!
As a result we have enjoyed:
The Queen's Birthday Parades at Horse Guards followed by lunch in central London.
London Leonardo Da Vinci celebrations with guests from ten European countries in London partnering with the Rotary Club of London.
Windsor Castle Garter Day 2015 Celebration inside the grounds of Windsor Castle with a lunch on the grass of St George’s Chapel.  
A day at the races for Royal Ascot in The Royal Enclosure in Berkshire.
The Cannonball Run Europe motorsport challenge for Team GoGirl, raising awareness about the Monarchyclearguide and new award for inspirational females, now open for nominations until the 26th of September via
A charity Sail during Cowes Week 2015 with Her Royal Highness, Princess Katarina supporting the International Maritime Organisation, Rotary in London and a disabled child from Windsor.
VJ Day 2015 London visit to remember all efforts made in the second World War.
Group get together and media event to recognise the Queen becoming the longest-serving monarch, 9th of September, lunch at Claridges London then party in Kensington.   
Future events we are planning include:
Lunch Talk about the European Cannonball Run, at the Chesterfield Hotel Mayfair London, £21.00 per person including two-course lunch and coffee.
Debate & presentations about the Monarchy today & Education. 
The dates and venue to be confirmed as soon as possible.   

Feedback from all of our events continues to be very positive and inspirational.
For further information please contact, CEO Kaz Aston or via our website: or www.monarchyonline.London


Friday, August 14, 2015

Latest MS News from Kaz Aston

Check out for a summary of summer headlines for #MS Multiple Sclerosis on: ms-news-updates

Collectively so much great work has helped to raise awareness about our campaigns & support people affected by MS with sailing, motor rallies, help from & the Rotary Club of London.
After the Cannonball Europe accounts are sorted by Hobbs & Palmer, we will be able to announce just how much money can be donated to help an MS centre in London.

Team #gogirl & Rotary Cowes Week Charity Sail

Friday, July 31, 2015

Team #GoGirl Exclusive Cannonball Run Europe Story & Film
Big thanks to Sarah Cannata for all of her support for #Monarchyonline Team #GoGirl driving experience for Rotary & MS
While travelling over 2 Thousand miles Kaz Aston raised awareness about MS & the free #MSClearguide in 6 European countries.
This the first of the action events planned by Monarchy online See & for more information about the charities & Team #gogirl at the awards team for inspirational women with monarchyonline.
More films can also be watched on youtube for Kazaston, Monarchyonline & the Rotary Club of London.
Thanks Sarah for all of your amazing support.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Listen in Today to Independence Day 2015 #MS #MultipleSclerosis #London #Radio Show

Getting very excited about todays's Special #IndependenceDay 2015 #London #Radio #Broadcast with Philip Lester & the Jumbo Sound. We will be, broadcasting & live streaming from; 16.00-20.30 to promote awareness of #MS #MultipleSclerosis To Listen, Check Out
The show program is really cool as will be sharing latest news headlines about these 3 areas:
1:17.00-18.00 UK & International information about #MS  #thinkMS Treatments, Nice News & the London #MSClearGuide MS #Nurses Nutrition & Lifestyle
2:18.00-19.00 MS & Motors including the Cannonball 2015 news & interviews, Drag Racing & Sports Events
3:19.00-20.00 #CorporateSocialResponsibility Projects #DigitalMedicine #SocialMedia Rotary, Healthcare Services, Ethics & Future Opportunities to help your local communities.
20.00-20.30 Questions & Future Events
The Radio Station has just updated all of their equipment so will share any extra details about the webcams & contact details tomorrow.
We will keep you posted via social media, cheers Kazxx

Monday, June 29, 2015

#superexcited #MS conference tomorrow

Take a look at @kazaston's Tweet:

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Unusual #Swedish #Royal #Wedding #Monarchyonline #ModernMonarchy #London

UNUSUAL SWEDISH ROYAL WEDDING 4.30pm SATURDAY 13 JUNE. Richard Fitzwilliams, royal commentator, is available on 07939 602 749 (
When Prince Carl Philip of Sweden marries former topless model Sofia Hellqvist in the Royal Chapel, Stockholm, the lack of controversy over the match in Sweden is a sign how far monarchies have become more relaxed in contemporary Europe. Prince Carl Philip is third in line to the throne, having been superseded by his sister Crown Princess Victoria who married her personal trainer Daniel Westling in 2010 and has a daughter Estelle, owing to a retrospective law in 1980 giving the first born right of succession regardless of sex, Europe’s first such law. They have been living together since 2010 and the public have got used to what would formerly have been a highly controversial match.
The marriage will be followed by the traditional carriage ride and then a dinner and dance. There will be a 21-gun salute. The Swedish monarchy is purely ceremonial after changes to the constitution in 1974 and seems popular.
It was Norway’s King Harald who married Sonja Haraldsen in 1968 and subsequently Sweden with King Carl Gustav who married Olympic hostess Silvia Sommerlath in 1976, who pioneered the marrying of members of the royal families into the middle class and for love, the norm having been previously that royalty married royalty in both countries. Marrying outside royalty and aristocracy is now usual in Europe with the British royal wedding being the most recent high profile example.
When Norway’s Crown Prince Haakon married Mette-Marit Holby in 2001 it was initially highly controversial that she was a single mother and linked with the use of drugs but she has become extremely popular. There was controversy when Crown Prince (now King) Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands married Maxima Zorreguieta as her father had been a member of the Argentine military junta of General Videla and when his mother Crown Princess (later Queen) Beatrix married Claus von Amsberg who was German in 1965. It would once have been thought improbable that Spain would have a divorced Queen but Queen Letizia is divorced. She and her husband King Felipe are attempting to rebuild the popularity of the monarchy in Spain after King Juan Carlos’s abdication last June.
Monaco is unique as the Oscar-winning actress Grace Kelly’s marriage to Prince Rainier in 1956 was so high profile but their daughters Princesses Caroline and Stephanie’s disastrous love lives made the gossip columns for years. The heir Prince Albert had two illegitimate children which he has publicly acknowledged though his marriage to Princess Charlene now seems a stable one. The “sunny place for shady people” has its international profile largely because of its royal family.

There are still over 40 monarchies in the world. More recently, laws have equalized the sexes, most recently in Britain and the 15 Commonwealth realms and in all European countries save for Spain, Monaco and Liechtenstein. The institution can go through troubled times as Britain’s monarchy did in the 1990s and Spain’s is now but its ability to adapt and change rigid rules and protocol, as shown by the forthcoming Swedish royal wedding, is undoubtedly a pivotal reason for its survival and continued popularity.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

HUFF Post helps #thinkMS

Huff article by Sarah Cannata promotes the World MS Patient Summit 2015 with a fab article. Strongly recommend you read so please check out the link:
Support for the event has just been incredible and makes me smile as feel together we will make a difference for MS. So will keep you posted and please follow the #thinkMS on Twitter & Periscope to watch and share tweets.
Thanks again Sarah Cannata for the Huff post and everyone that is helping #thinkms 2015
Thanks & love,
Kaz Aston

Sunday, May 17, 2015

#thinkMS Global News on Twitter #multiplesclerosis

The 2015 MS Patient Summit is just around the corner and Kaz Aston, the conference moderator is excited about the event on Friday 22nd of May 2015.
Kaz is delighted that the recent press release has made Global Google news for MS and hopes that by sharing the # hashtag #thinkMS on the 22nd of May this will boost awareness about the neurological condition that affect 2.5million children and adults around the world.
Please see the press release details and share if you can help us keep helping people learn more about this condition that at the moment is still incurable Global MS News Press Release May 2015
If you want to learn more about what MS is and how affects people please check out the #MSClearGuide written by Kaz Aston & other MS Expert Doctors MSClearGuide
In the meantime, people just contact Kaz Aston via her website Contact Kaz Aston

Monday, May 11, 2015

#thinkMS on May 22nd

Please share #thinkms on 22 of May on Twitter & Periscope to help people affected by MS #MultipleSclerosis

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Festival of Power Motor Racing Event 2015 #mattgossday #dragracing #eastersunday

Festival of Power 2015 at Santa pod raceway Northampton
Festival of Power
Fri 3rd – Sun 5th April 2015
The Easter weekend is just days away and what better way to celebrate than coming along to the “Festival of Power”.
3 days (Fri/Sat/Sun) of fast and furious, completely crazy car action featuring Top Fuel Dragsters, Nitro Funny Cars and the spectacular Jet Car shootout! The Live Action Arena will be bursting at the seams with monster trucks, drifting displays, 2 wheeled stunt extraordinaire Lee Bowers plus a Peugeot 205 jet car!
Add in Pinders family circus, air displays, world's biggest Globe of Death, mini tanks, helicopter rides, funfair and so much more, this is an Easter event unlike any other!
Tickets are still available via the ‘Print at Home’ email service. Simply visit the ticket shop and book today. If you don’t have access to a printer, you can always pay on arrival. Remember kids under 16 go FREE (max 3 per adult).
Go to the online Ticket Shop to book and print yours now!
Be Prepared! 
Santa Pod is an outdoor venue so please bring warm and waterproof clothing with you in case of inclement weather. Check that you have your tickets with you (if bought in advance) and hold on to them, even once in the venue. We highly recommend that you have a camera to hand to capture those memorable moments.

NitroFM the Santa pod radio station will be broadcasting all weekend so check out our facebook page for news & links to listen and watch the racing at the track. Here is a link to the NitroFM page.

Kaz Aston will be interviewing some of the drivers and teams to share the latest news. We will share as soon as possible over the weekend.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Check Out Twitter for Performers #music #london

Check out this fantastic course designed to help musicians and people wanting to learn how to use social media to promote great music and performers new or old!
Here is the twitter link:
Really feel a great option & sooo cheap to do. Thanks Keith Keller & Erica Chesnut

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Style Websites for #2015 to help people find our education features #kazaston

We have decided to build more modern London websites for; KazAston.London, Monarchyonline.London, Gogirl.London and the MSClearguide.London.
Why not check out these smaller, more user-friendly websites or as some might say, landing pages.
Special thanks to the Toolkit websites for helping use make this happen.
Here is one of our latest twitter tweets for more information about this exciting progress.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

#ROTARY Club of #London UK Trending

Take a look at @RotaryLondonSM's Tweet:

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New websites for 2015 for #kazaston with #gogirl #msclearguide #multiplescerosis & #monarchyonline

We are excited to share that our Kaz Aston blog has now been updated by the toolkit websites. Apologies again for any previous difficulties.

We are very excited to work with this company, as we shared last week online. A popular tweet on twitter
The Toolkit websites team are currently helping to develop some exciting new websites and landing pages for new and existing projects. As soon as these are live or we have a date that they will, this will be shared to help you visit.

 Don't forget you can access and two of our educational  Clear Guide websites.
 Think it might be worthwhile sharing a few updates that might be useful to follow us on social media sites.  You can follow us on social media sites that include:
 Twitter: @kazaston @msclearguide @monarchyonline1
 Facebook: Kazaston, London MSClearguide, Monarchyonline, GoGirl London & A&L Fashion London
 Pinterest: Kazaston
 Youtube: Kazaston
 Blogspot: Kazaston & Monarchyonline
 Soundloud: Kazaston
 Hashtags: #kazaston #msclearguide #multiplesclersosis #monarchyonline #msclearguide #superexcited
 You can always email us from our websites if you have more urgent questions.

Look forward to sharing our new website details soon.
Thanks for your continued support for all of our charitable efforts.
All the very best,
Kaz Aston

Please accept our apologies for the blog display error

Please accept our apologies for the blog display error & technical difficulties.
The Toolkit websites are working to get this sorted ASAP.
Thanks for your patience.
All the very best, 
Kaz Aston 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Latest News about New TS Royalist

Long Live TS Royalist (Latest News)Our project team and members of the permanent crew were at Astilleros Gondan, Spain overseeing the stepping of the masts of the new TS Royalist.  Here is a note from Bill describing events:


Friday, January 23, 2015

Have you Heard this New Artist #TheDylanHyde with amazing track #SickOfYourLove

Check this fab magazine feature about Dylan Hyde & his producer Shawn Campbell.

Seldom am I blindsided by an artist coming out of seemingly nowhere that hits with the impact of youngDylan Hyde. At a young age, he exhibits control of the Timbre and intonation of his voice that is usually reserved for much more experienced artists. Energetic yet exhibiting whiffs of Old Soul in his vocals, Dylan simply put has “IT” and you just have to hear to believe…I in particular, want to know, how he snuck past the industry, in general, to arrive with a nuclear blast squarely on our doorsteps today with his full-service joint “Sick of Your Love.” I don’t believe any reasonable person needs me to get into the title LOL…we know what’s up!

Bottom line: 4/5 Hypes because nobody is perfect…but DAM* Hit the stars and let me know if I’m on my game with this one!!! - EIC


Protégé of Johnny Wright, R&B artist Dylan Hyde has announced his first offering to his fans with the viral release of his single “Sick of Your Love." The music video for “Sick of Your Love” released on VEVO today. Fresh off of his tour with Justin Timberlake, Johnny and his partner Shawn Campbell are excited to introduce you to the incredible music that Dylan Hyde has been creating. "Sick of Your Love" was directed and filmed by C.J. Brion.

An intimate performer, Hyde has toured with Mindless Behavior and most recently Pop Nation. He has also been featured in Teen Vogue Magazine. Over the past year Dylan has been in the studio collaborating with some of the biggest names in music such as BabyFace and Justin Timberlake. Propelled by support from legendary manager, Johnny Wright & Executive Producer Shawn Campbell, Hyde is ready to begin his recording career and is currently in the studio working on his debut album.
About Dylan Hyde

About Dylan Hyde

18 year old San Diego singer-songwriter Dylan Hyde is a gifted multi-instrumentalist playing the piano and guitar. Some of Hyde’s musical influences include Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Musiq Soulchild and Justin Timberlake. Dylan has encountered many challenges most notably suffering hearing loss at a young age. Dylan has a smooth and evocative sound that has been crafted by his overall musicianship and various collaborations. Dylan has a dedicated following who have dubbed themselves the, “Hyde Pryde.”

- @TheDylanHyde


Dylan Hyde - Sick Of Your LoveDylanHydeVEVO

Monday, January 5, 2015

Power to the People with MS #multiplesclerosis #ms #MSclearguide #London

Power for the People That are Affected by Multiple Sclerosis -MS.

Wednesday 10 December, 2014
Published by kaz astonPress Release

Power for the People That are Affected by Multiple Sclerosis -MS.

kaz aston
The London MS Clear Guide Team are Celebrating Real Achievements in 2014 and Feel Excited About new Plans for 2015 That Will Deliver Even More, Power to The People Living with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Recent MS Educational Events with UK MS Experts have Given an Opportunity to the MS Clear Guide Team to Share Free Information, Record Short Audio Informative Interviews for Social Media to, Hear the Latest News About MS Treatments and NOT ASK FOR GOVERNMENT FUNDING OR PUBLIC MONEY, TO DATE. Over 200 Hundred Thousand Hits in the First Month After Four Interviews Were Released on Social Media Which is, Very Good for MS:
The London MS Clear Guide Team are Delighted With the Frequent Positive Comments & Requests to Help Other Countries Where MS is not Always as Well Supported, as it is in the UK and Europe. With This Latest Evidence, the London MS Clear Guide Team are Now Planning, NEW International Educational Events for 2015. 
The London MS Clear Guide is a Short Medically Correct Guide to MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Written by a Community Medical Specialist Practitioner that has Lived with MS for Over 21 years. The London MS Clear Guide is Designed to Help People Understand MS Quickly and can be Translated Into Over Sixty Languages at 
Kaz Aston an MS Campaigner and a person that has lived with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for over 21 Years and shares..'The London MS Clear Guide is Popular on Social Media with People of all Ages, From Different Countries That Find Benefit From the Clear Information in the Guide. Our FaceBook Presence is Quite Refined but Powerful. As Margaret Thatcher once said; Being Powerful is Like Being a Lady, if You Have To Tell People You Are Then You Are Not".
Kaz Aston the Creator of The London MS Clear Guide Plans to Compete in 2015 Cannon-Ball-Run in Europe to Help Raise Awareness About MS and Another, Important Charity Still to be Chosen by her new Team -Mate. As Team-Work is Critical for any Sport, Kaz Aston Feels she Must Find the Best Partner to Share this Legendary Race That will be Very Exciting and Crucial to Perform Well in for, the Chosen Charitable Causes.

Press release distributed by Pressat on behalf of kaz aston, on Wednesday 10 December, 2014. For more information visit

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