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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What will an MRI show? #MS #MRI

Today is #WorldMSDay

Lots happening today online especially to help people with MS.
Here are some links that might be useful:
To help you quickly understand more about #MS
I also have been helping the World MS steering group & present a radio show on #MS&Me
So will share any useful updates according from MS in the 21st Century.   Here is the link again! a 

Today is #WorldMSDay to help people affected by MS Learn more about MS 2018 #CO the #MSClearguide

The 100 Thousand plus people affected by MS in the UK are today being recognised & supported to help live life with this incurable disease.

To help you understand more about MS #CO #MSClearguide The Multiple Sclerosis, or MS Clear Guide that shares useful information that you can easily understand with no: Big Words or Medical Jargon. The guide is backed by MS & Medical experts from London and the UK to provide medically correct info about MS that you can quickly understand. MS Diagnosis, Symptoms, Treatment & Lifestyle are all covered in the short free on line guide which can be translated into 67 languages.

Friday, February 2, 2018

London Livery in Action

'The Worshipful company of Management Consultants lead by the current Master Mr David Johnson recently enjoyed a special celebration, at the historic Skinner's Hall, in the city of London, to help not for profit enterprises.
Thanks to The Worshipful Company of Management Consultants (WCOMC) Pro-Bono Committee achievements were celebrated particularly for the following charities;  The Brain Tumour Society, Rights Watch UK and The Fore.Also present were representatives of a large number of other charities being helped by WCoMC.
WCOMC consultants freely offer mentoring and consultancy support to charities that are not able to pay normal consultants fees.
At the event the CEO’s of two UK charities shared personal experiences about collaboration with the WCOMC and one spoke about how mentoring had helped to improve social outcomes, and the day-to-day running, of their organisation.
The equivalent of £1m of pro bono support is provided by the WCOMC annually.
The specialist Pro-bono support is all given by the WCOMC Liveryman and members of the Worshipful Company.
The Charities Supper is the first of a colourful events programme delivered by the WCOMC every year that also includes; education, professional development, and fund-raising.
For further information about the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants please visit our website: or follow the hashtag #WCOMC.

WCOMC Events and social media campaigns are planned for 2018 so W1PR will keep you posted on the amazing Pro-Bono work and achievements on social media & regular news for 2018.