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Friday, October 21, 2016

Amazing MS Conference in London ECTRIMS 2016 Highlights Video

Week Two To Improve My Memory in 6 Weeks

I have just had my second session of my memory coaching from Bill Aronson after, a very busy week with work & charity events. However, I still managed to do my online course that only took me about an hour.
Over the last week I have started to take action from the suggestions I have learnt already.
These such as:
  • The FAST approach Forgetting negative experiences & protecting time for me to learn new techniques. Taking Action to improve my life, State: thinking more about my feelings, personal needs & of course as any student does Taking Notes!
  • So from changing passwords to managing my personal expectations and stopping multi tasking it feels as if things are a little clearer already. Of course I want evidence to prove this so know if it is worth doing it already!
  • Interestingly when I gave a speech last night at a big charity event and used some of these tips I found I wasn't holding on to my notes it just flowed naturally! I have had a lot of experience of public speaking over the years and having to change my short speeches at the very last minute for various reasons. However, it felt weird as I just thought go for it Aston leave the paper crutch you know this stuff!!
  • Also, I was using remembering by association which drew together my visual, sound & logic skills and actually made it easier!
So this really so far feels good so fingers crossed keeps helping. However, 5 weeks to go so watch this space!
Think this interview with Bill has really helped me too so will share again!
As Bill always says learning is not complete until you give it away, so I am sharing with you all.
Thanks for reading.
Cheers Kaz 

Here is a useful interview about How to remember names!

How to Remember Names from World Expert Bill Aronson

Friday, October 14, 2016

Can I Double my Memory in 6 Weeks?

Delighted today to start a new memory training 6 week course. Why? Not because I can't remember but want to improve:

  • My Recognition Skills, Remember Names
  • Health Considerations to Stop my Memory Decreasing
  • Keep my Brian Fit and Reduce Gaps in my Memory
So Together with my Memory Coach Bill Aronson, one of the Best Coaches in The World we are Going to Develop 5 Key Areas:

  1. Lists that I can Memorise Quickly
  2. Names to Make More Memorable
  3. Forgetting or Losing Things
  4. Number Relationships
  5. Speeches Without Notes
Over the next 6 Weeks I will Share my Journey and Review, Progress with the Online Course Thanks to Bill. In the mean time checkout this film if you want to learn more about ways to Improve Your Memory in Just 6 Weeks! 
Chat soon,