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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Her Majesty The Queen receives International award of Honour from Rotary

Rotary International recognised Her Majesty The Queen on Monday December 16 with the Rotary International Award of Honour to celebrate the 60th anniversary of her Coronation. Her Majesty The Queen, who graciously accepted the prestigious honour, has been a supporter of Rotary's polio eradication and humanitarian programmes.
The award was taken to Buckingham Palace by Rotary International Director, Mike Webb and Rotary Representative to the Commonwealth, Judith Diment on behalf of Rotary International President, Ron Burton.
Since 1990, the President of Rotary International has granted the Rotary International Award of Honour to deserving individuals. Past recipients include the late Nelson Mandela, Pope Benedict XVI, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan and the late King Hussein of Jordan.
Her Majesty The Queen sent her good wishes for the year ahead to all Rotary club members in Great Britain and Ireland and throughout the Commonwealth and applauded Rotary for its polio eradication program and advocacy efforts. Her message said: “I am pleased that Commonwealth governments are playing their part in tackling disease and improving health for all. Polio for example, used to cast its shadow across many countries and today, thanks to concerted international action, just a handful still need to eliminate polio.”
Rotary made polio eradication its top philanthropic goal in 1985. As the volunteer arm of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), Rotary has contributed more than US$1.2 billion and countless hours of volunteer service to ending polio. This includes nearly ₤20 million contributed by more than 53,000 members of Rotary clubs in the United Kingdom. To date, more than two billion children have been immunised against the paralysing and sometimes deadly poliovirus.
The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, has been an Honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Edinburgh since 1952 and last visited the club in 2007.
- See more at:

Saturday, November 2, 2013

GO Emily for MS

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

#HappyHalloween 2013

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

HOT Rods & Social Media

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Understand MS Multiple sclerosis

If you want to understand more about Multiple Sclerosis (MS) see #msclearguide tranlated in 67 different languages & free online at

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rotary on London Radio for 12 Hours

Rotary on London Radio for 12 hours!

On Saturday the 28th of September 2013 a 12 hour radio marathon to raise awareness about MS was kindly broadcast by The Jumbo Sound radio team from, Goodmayes hospital, London. The radio show had an action packed programme written by Rotarian Kaz Aston to deliver a variety of helpful, educational features along with fun topics for listeners to enjoy on line.

Guests came into the radio studio to chat live on air along with local Deputy Major Mrs Tania Solomon and two past Rotary London district Governors Eve Conway & Clive Amos that gave out lots of useful Rotary headlines to help people find out more about what Rotary offers today. Robert Ghazi and Phil Lester shared exciting updates about Rotary Sport and Kaz Aston even challenged the radio station team to a darts match at the London club venue!
We were also very excited to promote and share helpful information about the Rotary Action group from Australia that raises awareness about MS RAGMSA. Check this out, a very helpful Rotary resource that links with the MS Society in 41 different countries.

The radio set also supported the Redbridge branch of The MS Society. Presenters shared useful information about the local MS Centre  and ways that people can help by volunteering or helping raise funds. We were even excited to share that we had gained support from Tesco and KFC!

Special thanks to Steve Newson the expert producer of The Jumbo Sound, for recording all of the exclusive MS adverts, jingles and interviews written and recorded by Kaz Aston. Also, the great station presenters that gave their time and played music from people with MS or that support MS. Rotarian’s even shared some of their tunes to help, we’re proud to report.
Listeners really enjoyed the music and producer Steve Newson even requested to keep  tracks to play on The Jumbo Sound play system for the future!

You can still listen to the show online via the Jumbo Sound website. Here is a link to show where you can hear Rotary on the Radio MS Radio PodCast.
For further information about MS that was used for the radio set please see the Really Clear Guide to MS and to listen to  MS Experts latest updates

Thanks to everyone that helped make the MS radio marathon a huge success and raise awareness about MS on line, through social media and amazing press releases.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Exciting Times for MS Treatment says Dr Malik MS Expert from London

Listen to Dr Malik MS specialist & Neurologist from Imperial College NHS Trust talking about, as he shares, exciting treatment Progress for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). New treatments and options have been developed and are also being researched. Click on the link below to hear a short interview at these options.
Dr Omer Malik Exciting Times for MS

Special thanks to Dr Malik for sharing his time with me, Kaz Aston on the 27th of September 2013.

Multiple Sclerosis numbers increases by 10% Globally

Friday, September 27, 2013

Dr Omar Malik on MS Future Treatments

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust London MS study day is now featuring Dr Omar Malik talking about new future MS treatment options.
Wow the future is looking so exciteng with management of MS. Loads of new medication's and effective treatment options.

Talking MS with Dr Richard Nicholas

Imperial Health Care NHS Trust are providing a fantastic Patient information day at #twickenham Stadium today.
An action packed day with loads of really useful topics for the day.
Dr Richard Nicholas is currently sharing progress of a MS treatment that's very positive reducing disease progression by up to 90%.

Friday, September 6, 2013


3 days of hot fast racing at Santapod for the 2013 FIA Finals. Its the Drag Racing championship with a wide variety cars, bikes and Top Fuel (nitrous fuel) which gives the engine extra horse power when injected with fuel.
This fuel along with Methanol, racing fuel all used for drag racing. Normal petrol (pump gas) from a petrol station is also used.
You can listen on line via nitro fm and watch the web cam:
I will be recording some interviews with the racing teams and drivers which will share asap via social media.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sea Cadets helped by Rotary in London & Monarchy Supporters

Monarchy & Rotary Fun Events
2013 has been a very exciting year to date for the members and supporters of the Berkshire Monarchy Group & Rotary in London with events that have been great fun and educational. Our events started with attendance at the Major General’s review on the 1st of June which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
On the 17th of June we attended Garter Day at Windsor Castle where we all enjoyed the most honourable and noble order of the Garter processions, a program of music and the service from inside St George’s chapel.  “It was amazing to view and be so close to the long tradition of the garter procession” guests shared. Additionally, to see 7 robed members of the Royal Family and The Sovereign. The Queen, whose father George VI appointed her as Sovereign of the Order and her husband Prince Philip that now is, the longest serving, oldest ever spouse and male member, of the British royal family.
To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II a special visit to Buckingham Palace, on the 27th of July, the first day of the summer opening was thoroughly enjoyed. The group of 50 guests enjoyed the largest ever Coronation exhibition and view of the state rooms that offered a superb display of dress, uniform and robes worn along with works of art. The exhibition offered 6 different themes that included planning, preparation, outfits and portraits which we all enjoyed before taking refreshments in the Palace gardens. Dr Barry Twigg MBE also answered any questions from guests after viewing the exhibition. The group also supported the UK Sea Cadets with fundraising for their new training ship at this event and arranged a group card to be signed by all guests and sent to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to celebrate the recent birth of Prince George Alexander Louis.
For further information or to make a donation for the sea cadets please contact Karen Aston on (+44) 07768904878 or email:

Friday, August 23, 2013

New Mobile Phone Platform to help easy access

Super Excited today as the latest web site mobile phone platform on is now live  Special thanks to The Tool Kit website team for helping me to support people with or affected by MS and many other important causes.

So now when viewing on a mobile phone you can easily and quickly navigate from a mobile phone using latest technology.

Let's hope web browsing on your mobile or smart phone is now even easier for you all.

Best Wishes,
Kaz Aston

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Classic Car needs a New Home can you help?

1991 Figaro For sale  

Cute little Nissan Figaro needs a good home. Had the car for a few years, throughly enjoyed driving but needs must and must let him go.

Only a few made so a great investment.

So if you are interested please call Ian Jackson my mechanic on: 01344 427060 or 07976984149
The retro 1991 Figaro has a full years MOT, service history, tax, great stereo & is cheap to insure as a Classic Car.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

2013 Fiat 500's visit Windsor Farm Shop

Enjoying the 2013 Windsor Farm Shop Classic Car Show with my friend Carl Allan. The Fiat 500 UK club chairman Carl (pictured with his 500 & trailer) and a few other Fiat 500's attended to add an Italian classic to the mix. Great fun and loads of people asking for more information about the UK fiat 500's. For further info or if you just want to chat to Carl, and he is single ladies!! :) Just email Carl on

 Fiat 500 UK

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NitrOlympX on the Hockenheimring 9-11 August are you going?

NitrOlympX on the Hockenheimring - 
The Next Generation 9-11 August 2013 can't wait 

Of 9 to 11 August 2013 meets the elite of European Drag Racing at the Hockenheimring. A huge starting field of over 240 national and international teams will do this year on the way to the Rico Anthes Quartermile in order to deliver spectacular race at the NitrOlympX.
Hockenheim is near the FIM European Championship race drag bikes for the 4th Round of the FIA ​​held European Championship, which all event offers visitors the opportunity to top-tier of the Drag Cars (Top Fuel, Top Fuel Funny Car, Top Methanol Funny Car, Pro Mod and Pro Stock) not only with show runs, but the hard struggle for experience valuable championship points.
Georg Seiler, CEO of Hockenheim-Ring GmbH is proud of the event, which for the 28th Times takes place at the Hockenheimring and has won over the years steadily in prestige: "With its incomparable blend of world class motor sport and entertainment, the NitrOlympX have long since become one of the absolute event highlights at the Hockenheimring and the European drag racing calendar."
That this motor sport can certainly connect multiple generations together, is also through the participation of the Swedish drag racing bedrock Leif Helander, which starts in the spectacular class of Top Fuel Funny Cars, clearly. Helander, born 1944, has always been a great car and racing enthusiast in his own words. He already played his first drag race in 1976 and this kick has not released it yet. It was not until the age of 65 he first sat in the cockpit of a Top Fuel Funny Cars and this is the best evidence that adrenaline and speed are a miracle cure for aging. With nearly 70 years Leif is faster than ever and wants to show the youngsters what means concentrated drag racing power.
The youngest participants, which could be almost Helander great-grandchildren with a starting age of 8 years, starting in the Junior Dragster class and prove that you can be already really fast even in such a young age.

The six-time FIA European Drag Racing Champion and crowd favorite Urs Erbacher traveling with his young rider Noah Stutz with two Top Fuel dragsters.Noah began with 12 years of his drag racing career in Junior Dragster, gained further experience in the Super Comp class until he received his Top Fuel license this year, at the SPRC-Summer Nationals in England. The young Swiss will take on the Rico Anthes Quartermile for the first time in a "Erbacher-Fueler" German audience and demonstrate their skills in front of the packed grandstands. His mentor anyway, is full of praise regarding the professionalism of the young colleagues and wants nothing more than the Top Fuel rookie to stand side by side in the final.
The organizers have registered in the framework program for all motorcycle enthusiasts among the visitors to NitrOlympX something special: Under the motto "drag racing meets IDM" there are extraordinary journeys in a sidecar or trailer to win. Three viewers will get the chance to only 15 cm above the ground, in a carbon-fiber sidecar 1000cc engine to roar down the quarter mile. Renowned pilots ever offer it a little taste of the hot duels in the IDM SUPERBIKE * of 20 September 22 to be held at the Hockenheimring. Who would win such a fast ride on Saturday night, is welcome to try his luck at the Hockenheimring info mobile site.
The expectations of the participants and the audience to the track are especially high this year because the races take place on brand new asphalt. Jerry Lackey, Clerk of the NitrOlympX with 45 years of drag racing experience, praise the large use around the drag racing track and hopes for many records: "Countless hours of work, amazing amounts of material and know-how have the people of the Hockenheim-Ring GmbH and all other helpers invested in the reconstruction of the Rico Anthes Quartermile. We want to bring the quarter mile in an even better and faster condition than in the last 28 years. Ensure all employees deserve the highest praise, because they are neither time nor effort shy to optimize the route until the last second. We hope to see many new personal bests as well as distance and speed records that would be the best reward for all helpers. "
More information on the event please visit:
And for those who are on speed, action and hot engines: a weekend before the NitrOlympX held the Public Race Days. Of 3 to 4 August can put their driving skills in their own vehicle on the Rico Anthes Quartermile-proof all amateur racers. More information:

Friday, July 5, 2013

Nurses are Amazing with MS

Just been privileged to do some training for MS nurses on Two way Talking about treatment options, helping communication and adherence to  lifestyle changes. Some fantastic new research out to help people keep going with medical treatment that can help stop progression of MS. Will keep you posted via my website

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Finishing the Rotary year Smiling :0)

2012/13 has been an amazing year with so many exciting achievements for a variety of important charities supported. Just so you understand the Rotary Club year runs from July every year with new Presidents appointed annually that lead clubs, working with district teams and different countries all to help charity in local communities. Here is a snap shot of why I joined and what Rotary is all about these days....

This year I was the second vice president and the Sports lead for the Rotary Club of London which has been truly amazing, great honour and so exciting with the 2012 Diamond Jubilee, Olympics and Paralympics. Here are some of the highlights that have helped to make a difference to so many peoples lives.
Free Para Olympic Tickets to help inspire disadvantaged kids and adults go to watch the games and keep the legacy alive. Here is a short film about the experiences of West Lea School children at a Rotary Party at HQ London.
After the excitement of an amazing summer the Rotary wheel kept turning with many charity events like the Lord Mayors Parade where Rotary in London supported Wheel Power and kept moving forward and started , Clay shooting competitions,  helping orphans in Bolivia to read and eradicate Polio in countries where it is still affecting people very badly.
As the London Sports lead with a choice of over 20 different sports competitions the club just kept raising funds to make donations to help others,  having fun and we even set up a new darts team with a local business, a clay shooting and ten pin bowling team to keep fit, have a laugh and compete against 68 clubs in the London district.
The year just kept moving forward where fellow Rotarians always kept supporting charities to make donations within different areas and with various Rotary teams such International, Community and Fraternal.
One of the joys of Rotary for me personally has been linking to really important community services such as West Lea School. The support from Rotary was not just a Paralympic ticket and party, but we carried on helping and even arranged an opportunity to learn about motor racing with up an coming young Karting star Albert Carter that enabled a quarter of the school kids to learn about driving, speed and even mechanics and become part of his racing team. As a result, driving lessons are now being arranged by the school to offer even more life opportunities for the children.
Rotary is a really cool organisation where the theme of service above self is what it is all about. Helping others to achieve, move forward in life or even enjoy basic things we may sometimes take for granted.
Additionally, from a personal point of view Rotary has helped me make some amazing contacts that have offered advice and support to help with my work personal charity efforts to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and even helped launch my Really Clear Guide to MS in Febuary this year.
So why not have a look at what Rotary is doing in your local area and go along to a meeting.

My club, The Rotary Club of London has been around for over 100 years and long may it continue! Check out  website for further information: Rotary Club of London
Special Thanks to all of my Rotary friends along with, now Past, President Norman Wimbourne, District Govenor Eve Conway, Clive Amos and Neville Shuman that gave me a huge honour at the last meeting as Vice President this year by awarding me, the Rotary Club of London Charity Cup for the greatest efforts for charity. Fantatsic so proud and we wo the tennis Sports cup!
Pictures: Tennis Doubles Winners
Neville Shulman Cup & Rotary Clay Shooting

Monday, April 15, 2013

What did you do last weekend..... Rotary went Karting

Rotary Club of London Karting Day for West Lea Specialist Sports School from EdmontonThe Rotary Club of London  arranged a Karting day for a quarter of the pupils from West Lea School in London with young racing driver Albert Carter aged only 9 years old. From the Rotary donation a group of 25 children together with their parents all went to Trent Valley Kart Club the home of British Karting to watch the first round of the club championships on Sunday April the 7th 2013.
The event took place at the very fast 1382 metre world famous PFI International Circuit near Grantham where Formula One champions have trained. Here the West Lea School children aged from 4-18 years old together with their parents and Mr Julian Halford a member of staff from the specialist sports school enjoyed the racing while learning about karts in the pits with Albert Carter and his racing team.
The Trent valley Kart club team also pulled out all the stops to help the Rotary club provide a first class experience and even enjoy a track walk with Nigel Edwards the Club Chairman along with his fantastic team from Race Control that provided education, admission and a special goodie bag packed with fantastic gifts for every child present from West Lea school.
After watching the racing the children were able to learn about kart mechanics and what it means to compete, as Albert Carter shared his passion for karting, gave his new friends autographs and more goodies from NGK, Teng Tools together with his racing team supported by Lucas oil.
Kaz Aston the Sports Lead from the Rotary club of London helped arrange the event to provide a fun while educational motorsport experience to continue inspiring the disadvantaged children and keep the paralympic legacy moving forward in 2013. Kaz was so excited to hear the children gave top marks for the day and even an 11 out of 10!
A high number of Father’s present also found the racing exciting while enabling their children to learn about safety, mechanics and impacts of faster speeds from Albert Carter.
As well as being an excellent host for the day Albert achieved 2nd in heat 1 with the fastest lap, another 2nd in heat 2 and 3rd in heat 3. This gave Albert position 2 to start the 34 Kart final line up. The flag went down on the final that was a fantastic race to watch with the leader frequently changing between Wilson, Carter and Patterson with Carter leading the last 3 of 4 laps. It was Wilson who took the win with Albert 24 thousands of a second behind! This now makes Albert 2nd in the Championship ready for his next competition. You can keep up to speed with Albert’s progress on his website or Facebook page!/albertcarter2003
Special thanks again from The Rotary Club of London to everyone that helped make this amazing karting experience happen for West Lea School, in our local London Community.

Friday, April 5, 2013

MS News & Views Support the MS Clear Guide

Special Thanks to MS News & Views for sharing the MS Clear Guide with their followers on their web site and their face book page. A fantastic website to help share information about MS.
To see the free, really clear guide to MS checkout 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Lunch with The Lord Mayor of the City London

Thanks to the Rotary Club of London for a fantastic lunch with The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of the city of London, Alderman Roger Gifford a great supporter of London's musical talents and truly  inspirational.
Fantastic to hear about all of his great work and share what the Rotary Club of London is all about and is doing to help.
Thanks to my fellow Rotary friends.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

MS & Drag Racing in Sunday Post Scotland

Thanks so much to the Sunday post for sharing info about new MS Clear Guide that is available free online in over 65 different languages See for more info

Rotary Celebrates International Ladies Day 2013

Rotary International ladies Day

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Milan Amazing Fashion

Kaz Aston (@kazaston) Thanks MIFUR International Fur & Leather Exhibition A Fantastic Event in Milan Italy amazing designs and fashion Wow Wow Wow

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jeremy Vine BBC Radio 2 Talks MS
Thanks to BBC Radio 2 for allowing me to share the fantastic interview Jeremy Vine did with Dr Sarah Jarvis about MS and the really clear guide to MS. Now available free in over 60 languages free on my wesite:
Hope it may be useful...........Best Kaz x

Community Voice MS Feature

Thanks Community Voice for filming about MS and new Really Clear Guide to MS. We covered lots of sections in the slot so hope people may find useful.
Just forward to sections that you may find helpful with understanding What is MS & How it is often diagnosed, MS Treatments, Keeping Active with MS and areas linked to MS Clear Guide on my website

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Royal College of Nursing Supports MS Clear Guide

Royal College of Nursing
Thanks to all of my fellow nurses and the Royal College of Nursing for helping share the word about the new, free MS Clear Guide last Friday 
The feature is on line via the link above,

Helping others understand MS

A nurse with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is leading the way in educating people about the condition, by writing a clear guide to the condition, helping others cope with it and get the most out of life.
When Kaz Aston was diagnosed with MS 18 years ago, it made her more determined than ever to be active and adventurous. She plays golf and darts, goes clay pigeon shooting, and has taken part in drag racing events and a Round the Island yacht race. She’s currently the sports lead for the Rotary Club of London.
Her latest achievement is the publication of  Really Clear Guide to MS,  which is available in 67 languages, to help people with MS understand the condition. Kaz was a 21-year-old student nurse when she discovered she had MS. She started to learn as much as she could about it, and to tell everyone how MS affects people and what patients can do to help themselves lead healthy lives.
She realised that people can find it difficult to understand the condition, and felt there was a need for a new guide to explain what it is, how it develops, and the treatments available to help manage it.
So, with her medical training and the backing of her consultant neurologist Dr Richard Nicholas, and specialist nurses at Charing Cross Hospital, in Hammersmith, London, Kaz has written the  guide to help the 2.5 million people affected by MS. It is available online and is easy to navigate and divided into short sections which are easy to understand, and free from medical jargon.
Dr Nicholas is a great supporter of Kaz’s work. He said: “The internet is full of a lot of confusing advice. It needs a clear direction. This is a short, succinct guide, written by someone with MS who knows what it’s like.”
Kaz is acutely aware that in some countries there is very little information about MS and how the condition affects people. The guide is available in many languages to be accessible to people all around the world.
She said: “This Really Clear Guide to MS is all about sharing useful information that you can easily understand with no big words or medical jargon. The topics included, I hope, will help you get your head around Multiple Sclerosis (MS) a little more. I have lived with MS for over 18 years, learnt loads over the last 20 years and am still learning. Yes being a registered nurse helped but when dealing with everyday life challenges we can all face then dealing with MS, it can be tough sometimes.”
The general perception of MS is that it is a debilitating condition which prevents people leading active lives. Kaz is trying to change that. She and her medical team are optimistic about the future for people with this condition. There have been many developments in the understanding and treatment of MS. Ten new drugs are being trialled and researchers are also exploring the benefits of stem cell treatment.
Kaz’s guide has also been backed by Oyster Healthcare, which publishes a magazine for people with MS. Annabel Daguerre, Deputy Editor, Oyster Healthcare Communications said: "The Really Clear Guide to MS offers an insightful and thorough overview of Multiple Sclerosis in an easy-to-read format. It provides both practical and clinical information in just enough detail without overloading people with information, and suggests some useful sources for further information. Karen's unique perspective as both a registered nurse and a patient puts her in the perfect position to write this valuable guide. I imagine that it will be of great use to people living with MS, whether they are newly diagnosed or have been managing MS for some time."

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fantastic Support Thanks BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 2 (@BBCRadio2) tweeted at 1:20 PM on Mon, Feb 04, 2013: "You can have kids, you can do sports, #MS is not the end of it all" @KazAston's advice to anyone confused about #multiplesclerosis #r2vine ( Get the official Twitter app at

Rotary Support for MS in London Interview with Roger Gewolb

Learn about MS with Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2

Thanks so much Jeremy Vine & Dr Sarah Jarvis for helping people to understand more about MS & sharing useful information about how MS can affect people. It was great to share some positive news about many MS treatments and ways to get support from MS Charities, Therapy Centres and many more organisations people can contact if needed.
Also, letting people know about my free the #MSReallyClearGuide available in over 60 languages on: 
Also please tweet #MSClearGuide Tuesday to help the 2.5 million Children & Adults living with MS globally.Let's Try and trend for MS.
BBC - Radio 2 Jeremy Vine - 04/02/2013
Jeremy presents news, views and live guests.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Scott Waite 2013 World Champion

Fantastic news for Scott Waite for winning the World Championship Darts 2013 final at Lakeside in Surrey England

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Best of British Darts

Enjoying fantastic Darts at Lakeside 2013 World Championships. Chatting to one of our English legends Gary Robson, hearing  about his passion for the sport and plans for 2013. Can't wait to cheer you on again soon.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gary Robson

Kaz Aston (@kazaston) tweeted at 3:53 PM on Sat, Jan 05, 2013: Come on #GaryRobson at #Darts LakeSide World Championships. You're the best and can win this ;0)