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Friday, March 18, 2016

#DisabilityRights after Proposed #Budget Cuts

Talking about Disability Rights on BBC Question Time. Great debate, change is needed. You can watch on BBC Iplayer our honest discussion.
Thanks everyone for your kind comments & offer of support.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Who is Kaz Aston & what does she do? #monarchyonline #msclearguide #rotary

After many recent emails & calls from potential clients looking for Public Relations (PR) & Social media strategy for their international & UK businesses feel it is helpful to highlight what I do in this area. Of course, every project, conference or campaign is different but, often has similar goals or strategic priorities.
2016 has already generated an extensive range of opportunities to help both UK or international companies and my own personal charitable efforts for education with #Monarchyonlineorg, the London #MSClearguide & Rotary International, UK & London where I am a member of the historic Rotary Club of London based in Mayfair and the City.
So what actually can I do or am currently doing to help businesses?

You might have noticed I am very active on social media in particular with my four accounts on Twitter with @kazaston @monarchyonline1 @RotaryLondonSM @msclearguide that collectively have over 2 million followers. Also, I share information on facebook, LinkedIn, google plus and make short films for youtube where I have 143 short education or promotional films

As far as projects and positions currently I work and have for the last five years as an editor of a healthcare magazine and recently taken a new appointment as an associate editor for the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Open Heart online cardiology global publications.
Also, I support UK & International  businesses, government organisations and charities with Public Relations (PR), social media strategy and marketing as an independent consultant.
As a Community Specialist Practitioner registered for over 20 years currently works with for Digital Medicine Software Development, the UK largest MS Centre based in London and pharmaceutical companies for education conferences and PR.
Also an active global campaigner and the author & creator of the ‘Monarchy Clear Guide’ & ‘MS Clear Guide’ together with supporting charitable organisations, websites, social media platforms that receive positive testimonials from readers daily.
To promote awareness & understanding for campaigns I use Websites, TV, Radio, Short Films, Fashion, Sport & Global Social Media Campaigns to broadcast associated features or popularise brands hashtags #, to trend or go viral on twitter. Recently have been working with the Music Industry with pop stars Matt Goss and Justin Timberlake’s teams for social media PR.

As the current London Rotary Club PR & Communications chair working with online audiences of over 20 million people for social media campaigns and as CEO of Monarchy online have agreed, continued support for the rotary club of London in 2016 from
Also, to help Rotary support the London clubs with social media strategy and in 2016 will be helping Rotary International & Rotary UK PR teams for Rotary Image. Collectively these areas are really interesting on many levels and help with global education, charity campaigns and business development.

Please just contact me if you feel we may have synergy for business or can collectively support important marketing, humanitarian or education needs.
Cheers Kaz Aston

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

This Woman Can... Launch only 1 week away

Only 1 week to go until Issue #1 is out!

A massive hello from the This Woman Can team!
We are now just 1 week away from the launch of Issue #1 of This Woman Canstarring:

Plus other features, inspirational quotes and a sneak peek at Willow Willpower(find out who she is!).
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