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Monday, October 23, 2017

WCoMC welcomes David Johnson as New Master #wcomc #w1pr

David Johnson New Master of #WCoMC

A wonderful induction event was held for David Johnson in London on Thursday 19th of October 2017 for the next 12 months.
The WCoMC or Worshipful Company of Management Consultants is based in the city of London in the UK. The company is a Livery company and part of the UK & International networks for Management Consultants.
To learn more about this fantastic Livery Company known as the #WCoMC here is their website & events.
A must to #CO if you are a management Consultant as a very helpful organisation that also offers education for the industry.

Monday, October 2, 2017

#2017 #Monarchyonline Route Dolomites #SuperCarGB

CMA Berkshire group Latest 2017 Charity News

For continued enjoyment of the summer of 2017, the Berkshire group chair Kaz Aston & HRH Princess Katarina of Serbia entered #SuperCarGB 2017 for the Berkshire CMA Group. This exclusive event organised with Autumn & Peter Phillips to drive with an all female charity CMA team, with a royal team member.
Firstly, we must thank again HRH Princess Katarina of Serbia for enabling the all girls team to enter and succeed on this mission, Supercar GB 2017- Route Dolomites.  The charity drive in total covered over three thousand miles through six countries, in only 5 days and visited France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Croatia on our incredible dolomites route.
The team also very fortunate, thanks to sponsorship, to hire a special Audi R8 Supercar from London company, Hertz Dream Collection. So the CMA team felt absolutely delighted to complete the Dolomites in a British registered supercar and also support UK businesses, as part of the project. Consequently, the CMA team have helped two global education charities and enjoyed an absolutely amazing, fun summer in Berkshire, London and six European countries.
The Berkshire group continues to hold fun, colourful and charitable events with clear Royal links to promote education and a better understanding of the Monarchy in today’s society. Our next event is planned for the evening of November the 9th, in Kensington London. Here, the group will recognise and give awards to inspirational females nominated by the general public for, exceptional contributions to society.
For further information about the event or group meetings please contact group chair: Miss Karen Aston on 07768904878 or email:

W1PR Reports to Help #Education in the #UK #Fun is Also a must!

As part of the W1PR company vision for public relations education now also want to share some great resources available to you, that can also offer new educational and fun social events. To get the balance right right with any company education plans also suggests to mix events and community fund raising that many attendees have shared as being "good fun with a real purpose to learn & share with new and existing contacts".
The W1PR Team are also delighted from working with diverse professional groups and even countries, for over 20 years to have learnt that the addition of fun activities actually frequently delivers, more memorable moments with even better Team performance.
Consequently, it has also been reported in various consumer surveys that can also get the best out of social Team events with very positive company PR in the UK press and on social media, world wide and in local communities. Such PR is really helpful to our clients and even their clients in the short, medium and longer term with happy consumer feed back across the industry.
For two of our clients in particular the notion of happy customers is very important along side normal website visits and event promotion to really enable annual pro-bono charity support of over 1 million British pounds and facilitation of education in UK and global business networks.
So please think differently about such a suggestion having merit and functionality for today's business markets for #PR & #Education.
For more information please contact Kaz Aston