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Monday, October 10, 2011

Latest news about MS on BBC Radio with Jon Briggs

The findings of a review of NHS MS Health Service released today has shown slow progress to fully meet peoples needs and tough patient symptoms. These often not visible or variable like: fatigue, nerve pain, cognitive.
Jon Briggs talks to me about this important matter on BBC Radio and how I feel things really are for people affected by MS. I shared that we all need to work together & make these MS services meet our needs today. Additionally keep helping people to understand what MS is and may mean to someone.
Always a pleasure chatting to Jon Briggs. Thanks Jon for all your support to help me keep raising awareness about MS.
Follow this link to listen for next 6 Days
James Cannon : 10/10/2011 show 1600-1900
My interview starts around 136 mins until 143! So different not to be asking the questions!