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Monday, July 21, 2014

Possible Windscreen Safety Risks

After needing a replacement windscreen recently thought must share these thoughts for safety.
As you might tell from the picture my windscreen couldn't be repaired and the damage obscured my line of vision so wasn't safe or legal to drive. So an MOT failure & safety concern if tried to drive my car.
However,  when contacting my insurance company that provides help with this difficulty was sad to find:
2 big national company's could repair a newish fiat 500 for over a week!
Fiat UK had windscreen availability but even two big UK companies said totally out of stock even with their own versions which are cheaper.
Repair company telephone support said things like: dont worry be safe to drive wont fall out!
It will be fine just tell Police it just happened if you get stopped,  so lie!
We can't offer the service you see on TV we do it as fast as we can. From my experience this 7/8 days so big problem if you need your car.
So after sharing this experience with my insurance company that finally found a repairer for the next working day to help after a whole morning of phone calls. My advice is stand your ground and insist a fast repair needed if the damage is in or obscures your line of driving vision.
Don't fall for marketing lines on advertising of fast repair same day as this certainly doesn't often happen.
Definitely consider windscreen insurance cover options as a lot more money than maybe you think to replace. In my case it would have been around £500 but paid less than £70 thanks to my APlan insurance.