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Monday, January 5, 2015

Power to the People with MS #multiplesclerosis #ms #MSclearguide #London

Power for the People That are Affected by Multiple Sclerosis -MS.

Wednesday 10 December, 2014
Published by kaz astonPress Release

Power for the People That are Affected by Multiple Sclerosis -MS.

kaz aston
The London MS Clear Guide Team are Celebrating Real Achievements in 2014 and Feel Excited About new Plans for 2015 That Will Deliver Even More, Power to The People Living with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Recent MS Educational Events with UK MS Experts have Given an Opportunity to the MS Clear Guide Team to Share Free Information, Record Short Audio Informative Interviews for Social Media to, Hear the Latest News About MS Treatments and NOT ASK FOR GOVERNMENT FUNDING OR PUBLIC MONEY, TO DATE. Over 200 Hundred Thousand Hits in the First Month After Four Interviews Were Released on Social Media Which is, Very Good for MS:
The London MS Clear Guide Team are Delighted With the Frequent Positive Comments & Requests to Help Other Countries Where MS is not Always as Well Supported, as it is in the UK and Europe. With This Latest Evidence, the London MS Clear Guide Team are Now Planning, NEW International Educational Events for 2015. 
The London MS Clear Guide is a Short Medically Correct Guide to MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Written by a Community Medical Specialist Practitioner that has Lived with MS for Over 21 years. The London MS Clear Guide is Designed to Help People Understand MS Quickly and can be Translated Into Over Sixty Languages at 
Kaz Aston an MS Campaigner and a person that has lived with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for over 21 Years and shares..'The London MS Clear Guide is Popular on Social Media with People of all Ages, From Different Countries That Find Benefit From the Clear Information in the Guide. Our FaceBook Presence is Quite Refined but Powerful. As Margaret Thatcher once said; Being Powerful is Like Being a Lady, if You Have To Tell People You Are Then You Are Not".
Kaz Aston the Creator of The London MS Clear Guide Plans to Compete in 2015 Cannon-Ball-Run in Europe to Help Raise Awareness About MS and Another, Important Charity Still to be Chosen by her new Team -Mate. As Team-Work is Critical for any Sport, Kaz Aston Feels she Must Find the Best Partner to Share this Legendary Race That will be Very Exciting and Crucial to Perform Well in for, the Chosen Charitable Causes.

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