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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Listen in Today to Independence Day 2015 #MS #MultipleSclerosis #London #Radio Show

Getting very excited about todays's Special #IndependenceDay 2015 #London #Radio #Broadcast with Philip Lester & the Jumbo Sound. We will be, broadcasting & live streaming from; 16.00-20.30 to promote awareness of #MS #MultipleSclerosis To Listen, Check Out
The show program is really cool as will be sharing latest news headlines about these 3 areas:
1:17.00-18.00 UK & International information about #MS  #thinkMS Treatments, Nice News & the London #MSClearGuide MS #Nurses Nutrition & Lifestyle
2:18.00-19.00 MS & Motors including the Cannonball 2015 news & interviews, Drag Racing & Sports Events
3:19.00-20.00 #CorporateSocialResponsibility Projects #DigitalMedicine #SocialMedia Rotary, Healthcare Services, Ethics & Future Opportunities to help your local communities.
20.00-20.30 Questions & Future Events
The Radio Station has just updated all of their equipment so will share any extra details about the webcams & contact details tomorrow.
We will keep you posted via social media, cheers Kazxx