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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Albert Carter listed in UK top 20 under 13 year olds from all motorsports!

Albert Carter listed in UK top 20 under 13 year olds from all motorsports!

Young Albert Carter is just getting better every race looking at his recent performances on the track. Here is the latest press release for Albert after his recent listing in the Top UK under 13s! Wow Albert the team and Rotary Club of London are all so proud of you and can't wait to see you soon.

So lets read your latest news from Lucas Oils, as shared below, and big well done from all of your friends in London.

Lucas Oil driver Albert Carter has been listed as in the top 20 under 13 year olds from all forms of motorsport in the UK! The list had been compiled taking nominations from all areas and went out on Downforce Radio ( on the 21st July 2014. Downforce Radio is the place to get the inside track on all matters of all racing from Karting to F1 and reports and reviews, to who's going to be who in a few years time.

Carter races in the IAME Cadet class - and after winning the toughest club championship in the UK the Trent Valley Kart Championship in 2013 - this year is concentrating on the two biggest UK Championships which are the MSA British Karting Championship and the LGM National Championship.

Go to and fast forward to 62 mins and 40 seconds in to hear the nominated finalists

Albert commented, ‘’I think it is a great honor to be listed and I would like to say thank you to Lucas Oil, all my associate sponsors, Zip Kart and everyone else who is helping me in any way’’ 

Steve McQueen
SMQ Media PR & Media Services Ltd (for Lucas Oil UK)