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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Please can you help Rotary London to give the money a sponsor promised but not given for MS

www.kazaston.comPlease can you help with our support for the MS Society centre in Redbridge Essex UK.
Sadly a big UK Retail Company that I won't name has let Philip Lester & I down and just taken the sponsorship return from a 12 hour radio broadcast we did and not donated anything as promised last year to help the MS centre with transport services so people can easy use the superb MS Centre.
As Rotary supports loads of charities we must continue to do this and so need a little help to cover this financial loss of the MS Society in Redbridge Essex, while we carry on with the other important charity projects.
Please just drop us an email if you have any ideas to help the ms society Redbridge centre in Red Bridge.
Thanks so much, sorry to ask but need some help if possible.
Kind regards, Kaz Aston.