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Monday, August 4, 2014

#MS UK DAY 2014 celebrates 21 years of support for MS

#MS UK Day 2014

MS UK is celebrating 21 years of providing support for people affected by MS. 
It was great to catch up with MS UK recently to see their head office and Joseph court in Essex fitness & exercise centre. We also shared the latest news about my work for MS with various global partners that are helping to spread the word to help recognise and provide support.
I am so excited by the support for MS that is happening in the UK and globally. In particular the Royal College of Nursing or RCN is really keen to help me in with the challenges of adherence and compliance with MS treatments such as, regularly taking the medication prescribed to help stop the progression of the condition in many cases.
These challenges are not just about taking tablets but also for lifestyle changes that may help with difficult symptoms that MS might cause problems with. Additionally, this is not just an MS challenge compliance difficulties can affect any health condition and sadly it does.

On the 4th of August I will be supporting MS UK with a twitter campaign using various # (hash tags) that I have shared the benefit of using to help people quickly find and share information through social media.
For this latest project I will be using #MSUKDAY along with other # hash tags they have now set up.

Further information is included in the article, below, from the new pathways magazine that MS UK produces for members of their organisation. Why not checkout MS UK WEBSITE for further information or have a look at my website and our London MS Clear guide page London Msclearguide on Facebook provided FREE by qualified MS medical professionals because we want to help people with MS and not make a profit or ask for money to do this work.

Thanks again to everyone that has helped with this work in particular the MS unit at Charing Cross hospital in London. Additionally, Rotary in London especially the London & Barkingside clubs. The support Rotary has given and also does internationally Free of Charge has constantly been offered which is truly amazing and helps so many people that might need a helping hand or information.

Don't forget if you use twitter pop #MSUKDAY in your tweets to help support raising awareness about MS.  Will keep you posted on how we get on with our #MSDAYUK mission :)